7 Legit Ways to Get Free Netflix Gift Card Codes in 2019

Free Netflix Gift Card Codes

Netflix is an excellent source of entertainment. But it is also a heavy expense on the pocket, especially if you are broke. But does it mean that you can’t watch Netflix? Not really.

You still can. But for this, you must know how to get the free Netflix gift card codes.

As we know, Netflix will cost a lot, even for a month, but the cost justifies the content they provide.

For this, we have come up with the post so that we can give a brief to our readers about how to get the free Netflix gift card codes.

What is Netflix gift card?

Netflix gift card is the digital form of cards which are used for buying the subscription of Netflix, which offers a variety of video content.

You can stream the content for them, and in return, you need to use the gift card as a mode of payment.

How to use Netflix gift card codes?

Netflix gift card codes can be used by redeeming it into the Netflix account where one can claim for the free subscription according to the price of the gift card.

Every gift card contains a different amount. It depends on what amount you are using for availing the subscription.

If you want to gift it to someone else, you can do it by transferring it to someone.

Best ways to get free Netflix gift card codes

Follow the below mentioned ways to get the free Netflix gift card code. These ways are well researched and hand-picked from the list of top 25.

1: NFLIXReward

NFLIXReward is a site only made for getting the Netflix gift cards. If you are in search of Netflix gift cards, this website is the one for you as in other sites of this list, and you can earn other cards too apart from the Netflix gift cards.

But here, you will only be able to earn the Netflix gift cards, and hence, there will be no confusion on the same.

You can earn points, and by using those points, you can get a free Netflix gift card for yourself which you can later gift it to someone else if you want to.

The good part is that it is easy to use, and when you use the site, you will be able to make enough points for getting at least a month free subscription.

2: PayPrizes

Similar to the site as mentioned above, PayPrizes also serves you the best, and it is also among those GPT sites.

Since the site is new, our team personally tried and verified the site before mentioning it to the list. Now, since the site is good to go, we are sharing the same with you.

The website is enough if you want to get the free Netflix gift card codes. You won’t need anything else if you have this website.

You can use this site and trust us; you will get enough points which you can redeem for the card.

3: Get a Netflix Trial for free

Getting a free trial is the best and proven method of people using since ages. If you are using Netflix, you must use their free trial which will be available for one month.

As Netflix is always committed, they give their new users one-month free trial. In that, one can sign up for Netflix, and by doing that, you can watch the content without even paying for the same.

You have first to enter a payment method they ask for. Once you do that, they won’t deduct any money for 30 days, and before the trial period gets over, you can cancel the membership so that they can’t charge you.

Now we know how difficult it is to remember the dates, and that is why Netflix will also send you a gentle reminder of the same.

If you don’t have a credit card, you can also link your PayPal account as a payment method.

Note: If you think that you can make multiple new accounts and use it, then it won’t be possible because Netflix will detect your location and will block the accounts.

4: Extend the free Netflix Trial

Everyone likes free stuff, and especially if it is Netflix, who would deny? There is one more way to get a free Netflix account.

Here you need to extend the trial of your free Netflix account. Even though they offer one trial per account, sometimes they allow you to extend it for a more extended period.

Now for doing this, there are two ways.

a) Wait a month or so between the free 30 days trial

After your free trial gets over, you need to wait for some time. Or it can be as long as 30 days too.

If you do that, you will get an invite to get a free trial which you can use for one month again. But note that it may or may not happen. So it’s like taking a chance.

b) Call the customer care of Netflix 

Now if your trial period is about to end, you need to call the customer care of Netflix so that they can extend the same for you.

The reason you need to give is that you were busy and you couldn’t watch it, and hence, you are looking for another trial which you can use it.

5: Check the Coupon Websites

If you are looking for free Netflix, then some coupon website will also help you out on the same. You can use the coupons and avail some good discounts.

So let us read about some of the best platforms for grabbing the best deal.

a) DealsPlus.com

DealsPlus gives you a coupon every day, and for Netflix, they even do offer the free trial as well.

So if you are looking for free Netflix, this site will help you. But you need to be updated for the same.

b) EverAfterGuide.net

EverAfterGuide has more than 500,000 coupons for different stores, including the Netflix codes. You can find more than 100 coupons for the same.

The best part is that many coupons of the site can get you the one year or so free Netflix trial as well.

c) Coupons.com

Again Coupons is one of the best coupon and deals site used for getting the free Netflix account and many more.

You can use the codes given in the website and avail the free Netflix account.

d) RetailMeNot.com

RetailMeNot is a site which is famous for getting the free one year and seven days free Netflix account.

You can get a variety of coupons, and for sure, these coupons are worth using.

e) GivingAssistant.org

GivingAssistant is also a site like other coupon websites where you can earn a good amount of coupons for many things.

You must check the site so that you will know what is happening there and hence, you will be able to get the coupon codes for getting the free Netflix account.

6: Giveaways

The last thing you can do to get the Netflix gift card codes is to participate in the free giveaways.

You will find many giveaways happening in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All you need to do is to target a company which gives you the same and participates. You will have to share their posts, and in return, you will get the free Netflix gift card for free of cost.

7: Barter System

If you are tired of doing everything, but you still didn’t get as many free Netflix accounts, then you can also try the barter system.

In this method, you need to find people who already have Netflix gift cards, but they don’t want them. So what you can do is to give them any other gift card you have and in return, you can earn the free Netflix gift card from them.

For finding people, there are some communities where you need to target the people.


These are the best ways through which you can get the free Netflix account and free Netflix gift card codes.

You can try these methods and don’t worry; these methods are tried and tested, and hence, you don’t have to worry about the same.

You can try any of the method given here, and in return, you will get many free Netflix gift card codes.