15 Easy Ways to Earn Free PayPal Money

Free PayPal Money

Are you looking for some free PayPal money? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

PayPal is indeed the best app for making the payments and receiving it. It is well known and recognized site made as a payment escrow.

Especially if you are a freelancer, you must have a PayPal account. It will be helpful for making the payments. It can also be used for making the payment in different websites or shopping apps. If you want to receive payments from another country too, PayPal will do the work for you.

They charge some fee on every transaction but in the end, it is useful as it is very safe. And the best part is, making one account is also not very difficult. You can make one account by using PAN card details and other mandatory information.

But have you ever thought of getting the free PayPal money? Yes, you heard it right. Free PayPal money is a thing about which we are going to talk today.

If you have tried the same, you must have visited many websites which generate the tools from which PayPal money can be earned. But wait, if you are doing the same or going to, DON’T DO THAT.

These websites are not real and they do that because they want to earn money via making fool to people. But that doesn’t mean that you can not earn free PayPal money. You still can. How? By using these websites about which we are talking here. But firstly, let’s read it in details.

Top Legit Methods to Get Free PayPal Money

Check out the latest and working methods below to get free PayPal money.

1: Swagbucks

Starting from one of the websites that we personally recommend is Swagbucks for sure. If you are not new to earn free money through various apps, you must be knowing how convenient and reliable Swagbucks is. You don’t need to worry about being scammed or anything if you are using Swagbucks for getting free PayPal gift card.

And for earning a good amount in it, you need to first of all register yourself. Once you do that, you will get the instant $10 which will be your joining bonus. And a good part is that even this $10 can be redeemed in your PayPal account very easily.

However, we don’t recommend you to do that. Wait and earn more money in the website by taking the part in the activities. If you complete all. You will be able to earn $300-$400 per month just by using the site for a good 10 minutes a day. For more details, you must check the site once.

2: Gigwalk

When it comes to making money through PayPal, you can not ignore Gigwalk. Unlike others in the list, it is an app and not a site. Here, you can easily download it for free of cost and once you do that, you become a member of the big and strong 1 million community.

The community is so big and strong that you will feel that. In the app, you will see many gigs available for which does not require any special training. Be it a student or a homemaker, anyone who can give a few minutes will be able to earn even more than $100.

The payments will come to directly your PayPal account hence, one step of redeeming the PayPal gift card will not be in the scenario. These gigs will be only available for USA and Canada. So if you live there, take the benefit. And if not, let’s move on to the next method.

3: InboxDollars

The name is pretty interesting and self-defining. No? Well, in this website, you only need to go to the site and register and just like Swagbucks, you will get the instant $5 as signup. Voila. And the other payments you will get will directly come into your linked PayPal account.

It is also a GPT website where you can earn a good amount of money by completing the small tasks such as watching the video, completing a survey and many more. Hence, the site has many such works waiting for you. You only need to complete them and once you do that, you will be able to earn $5 to $10 per day.

Also, since again you need to link your PayPal account, the hassle of transferring will not bother you too. For sure, it is worth giving a shot.

4: SliceThePie

SlicethePie is also an interesting name. And the work you need to do here is even more interesting. However, it is not the cup of everyone’s tea. So read it carefully and think if you will be able to complete the same.

In this website, you need to first register and then you need to rate and write a review for the products on the website. The products will be music products, fashion, and mobile phone accessories.

Even though you will get the option to choose your category to write, you need to write a big in-depth review if you want to get paid good.

You can also give some short reviews but they won’t get your money. So the more you write, the more you earn. You also can not write anything randomly. So you need to know the product well before you write.

The payments will come on Tuesday and Friday. And once you earn the minimum amount of $10, you can withdraw the amount anytime you want. Since the task includes writing in-depth reviews, not everyone can do it. But if you are interested in the product, you might be. So make sure you choose the product wisely.

5: Ebates

the concept of Ebates is the most happening concept you will ever find. Trust us on the same. Firstly, the website will pay you some good $10 once you sign up with them as bonus points.

And then coming to how does the site works, you only need to do what you really like doing. What? Shopping. Yes, by just doing some shopping, you will be able to earn the points. But yes, you need to shop it with some conditions.

The very first thing would be that your money back percentage would only depend on the store from where you are purchasing items you want.

You must be thinking that no site will give you money for shopping and hence it can be a scam. But no, it isn’t. Basically, the website gets paid enough by many stores for sending some customers.

Now as you will go through the link they are sending you, Ebates will be paid for that and since Ebates is going to share the commission with you, you will also be in a profitable side.

The payments you get will be in every 15 days and it will come to your PayPal account only. But the thing is that you need to earn at least $5 for withdrawing.

6: NetSpend

Here in this method, for earning free PayPal gift card, you must invest some money on your own. Yes, by that, we don’t mean to do it for the long term but even if you do for some 20 minutes and take it out then, it would be enough to get the free PayPal amount.

In this method, you even don’t have to complete any task. You only required to sign up at the website and simply request a prepaid reloadable card.

You can load some money. And as per the rules, you can withdraw min $60 in once. Hence, we recommend you to load only $40 so that you will get the bonus of $20 and hence, you can easily withdraw the amount of $60 in once.

And yes, the website is legit. don’t worry about if its fake or not. We have tested it and the results are positive. For unlimited money, try making different accounts. But again, by keeping in mind the terms and conditions.

7: Qmee

Qmee is a very different name but in terms of how it works, you will find it resemble Ebates, the app we have mentioned above in the list. If you forgot, scroll it up a bit.

But the major difference you will find is that in this website, you will be making some PayPal money for doing some shopping whereas, in Ebates, you get the cashback for the shopping you have done on their partner’s stores.

Also, in working methods, it is even better as it has its own browser extension which will be there and will always pop up whenever you search for some products online. Here, you don’t have to buy for the sake of getting the money. If even if you click on the product, you will be earning good PayPal money.

And for the website, you will need one cent in your account so that you can cash out via PayPal. It is good and a safe website for sure for all of those who want to earn some free PayPal money.

8: Perk

This is again one more website where you can earn some good points just for using their apps for shopping, entertainment, to search for anything and etc.

Confused? Well, let’s make it simple for you. In this website, if you download the Perk TV app from any of your preferred stores and watch any two movie trailers, you will win 5 points. And then for some bonus points, you can take part in Pop which will give you 30 points.

Then once you earn enough points, you can redeem it for getting some PayPal cash. There are some other rewards also available for those who don’t want PayPal cash. The website is indeed a great way to earn money. But currently, this site is only available in CA, UK, US, and AU.

9: FreeEats

Again a good site to make money from. In this website, you have to register and once you do that, you are ready and set to earn money. In this website, you need to click on the links, watch some websites ads, visit some sites or even call on some number using your phone.

The more you do, the more you earn. Hence, you need to spend some little time. Also, all the payments you will earn will be made using PayPal so make sure to link the account.

These terms and conditions will be mentioned in the invitation card on your screen before you complete any task. So make sure you check on it. Also, use your real number through which you can make calls.

10: SurveyJunkie

Here you need to be a retail influencer. By this, we don’t mean to be any professional and do any course. All you need to do is to give your opinions in order to give feedback to the brands in delivering the products and about their services so that they can do better than what they are currently serving.

You only need to take some surveys here which you can even get it done while traveling on your phone. You will earn points so that they will help you in earning the free PayPal cash. You will only need to spend some few minutes. And the payout will be between $1-3.

And for earning $10, you must have 1000 points which can take a little longer. But never mind, you can do it. These points can be redeemed against the PayPal gift cards.

11: OpinionOutpost

One thing which we all give is opinion but never gets appreciated for the same. But what if we get paid for it? Well, that’s what Opinionoutpost is all about. In this site, they only ask for your opinion and once you give then, you will get paid.

Just like SurveyJunkie, this site also makes your opinion so that they can improve their services and for this, they give you money.

You need to complete the signup and then you can start earning points when you start taking the online surveys. The surveys will be mailed to you and you need to fill and mail back the same. Then according to each survey and points it has, you will get the reward points which you can redeem for free PayPal money.

They also give a chance to win $10,000 in once. This is but for only who wins the lucky draw. For this also, you need to complete a survey and if you are lucky enough, you will win the prize.

12: UserTesting

Usertesting is also very self-explanatory. If you are a website owner, you know how does it work. But if you are not, let us brief you about it. As you make a site, you think what users think about the same.

In this website, you need to register and when you do that, you will be asked to visit some websites where you must complete some little task and then tell your feedback about everything you experienced.

If you do that, you can make good PayPal money. It will cost you only 10 minutes a day and you will get $10 per test.

After testing a website, you need to wait for 7 days and then your money will be credited which can be redeemed easily.

13: RecieptHog

It is a fun site where you can enjoy making money for free of cost. You can simply give your shopping receipts in the site and make money with the same. And yes, there is no restriction on what product you are buying or from where you are buying.

It has an app which you can find in both google play store and for iOS also. You only have to take a picture of the shopping receipt as evidence and for this, you will earn points. Apart from the points, prizes can also be earned.

The more you spend on your shopping, the more coins you receive. And once you earn 1000 points doing the same, you can get the PayPal gift card online. And yes, just for your information, every coin is worth $5.

14: PMoneyReward

PMoneyReward is a website only made for earning free PayPal money. So if you are still struggling to earn some free PayPal gift cards, then this website is all you need. In this site, you can simply earn enough points in order to redeem it for PayPal gift cards.

And talking about how can you use the same, you only need to register and complete some tasks. By doing the easy tasks, you will earn the Netflix gift card.

To redeem it, you need to earn some amount of points and to know and understand the website better, you must visit it once.

15: PayPrizes

Last but not least, PayPrizes is the best website you can ever visit in order to earn some points which can be redeemed for PayPal gift card codes.

Without being biased, this website is the best one so far. It works like Swagbucks but is even better than this. You can simply use the website and register yourself and once you do that, you will be all set to earn points.

To earn points, you need to complete the tasks given in the website and by doing the same, you will be able to earn good and enough points. It is also one of the get paid to website and since it is new, you might not have heard a lot about the site.

However, this website is a legit one as we have personally verified and tested it. You can use the site and trust us, it is really worth giving a shot.


So we have read about 15 different websites which will give you free PayPal money. You can easily use those websites in order to get the PayPal cash.

Note that if you are looking for a one-day miracle, it might not happen. But if you have patience, you will surely earn some good PayPal money using these websites.

These websites work on a simple algorithm. Since we have told you about the same, there is no point of doubting these sites.

They are all legit and you can easily trust any of them. But to understand it better, you need to visit the websites we have mentioned. It will be better for you as then if you have any doubt, it will be clear.

Also, if you have tried any site and still have some confusion, you can let us know in the given comment section and we will get back to you asap.